My name is John Hinkel, and I am a young professional currently working at BoxLock, Inc in Atlanta. I am a full-stack developer (which means my skills include front-end coding, back end architecture, and server administration), and I also create applications that help perform Social Media data analysis.

My Area of Expertise

I have extensive experience with web application development, specifically web applications that use apache, mysql, and PHP. However, I have used other web application frameworks (Wordpress, for example) and have a general level of familiarity with those as well. My experience in mysql includes architecting databases, writing scripts to sanitize and load data, and writing efficient queries that pull large amounts of data easily. Apart from development experience, I have had experience with integrating hardware and software into a cohesive interface and significant experience with 3d printing and 3d printing technologies.

My Undergraduate Education

Bachelor of Science Degree: Computer Science
Bachelor of Arts Degree: Spanish

Both of these degrees were awarded by the University of Rochester.

My Graduate Education

Master of Science Degree: Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)

This degree was awarded by Georgia Tech

My Blog

I write a 3d printing blog about my experience with 3d printing, projects I have done, reviews of different printers, and projects I will do in the future

the link is here:

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